10 Paranormal Romance Creatures You Might Not Have Read About

Top 10 Paranormal Romance Creatures The paranormal genre of romance books encompasses a huge variety of creatures from different worlds and backgrounds, and it’s a genre that’s gained a lot of popularity in the mainstream book market in recent years due to the Twilight series.

Of course, many of these creatures aren’t new even to the romance world. Vampires and werewolves, fairies and witches have all been around in popular culture for a long time, and there are plenty of stories that have been written about them. But how many stories have you read where they’re the focus of a steamy – possibly forbidden – romance? Read on to find out if there are any new creatures you might want to read about!


Werewolf shifter romanceWerewolves are traditionally hard-to-tame types; even in regular fiction and folklore they are often depicted as feral and not in control of their impulses, so perhaps that’s why they’re so seductive as potential romantic interests for romance protagonists. They’re ready to give into their carnal desires no matter the cost – and who doesn’t want that in a love story?


A shape shifter bookFrom bear-shifters to dragon-shifters to any breed of big, feisty felines, shapeshifters are undoubtedly some of the most exciting kinds of paranormal creatures to read about. Some of the most popular books by Afro Romance Books feature shapeshifters, and it’s all the better if they’re the billionaire kind!


Vampire romance novels aren't shifters but they're paranormalWhether sparkly or afraid of sunlight, vampires of all kinds are featured in many romance books, especially since Twilight’s takeover. Though they are probably due to be usurped at some point soon, vampires remain mysterious and often dangerous, and that combination seems to have made them irresistibly sexy to readers. The forbidden element they often have – if they’re not supposed to fall in love with humans, for example – can make them even sexier, so pair them with a few steamy love scenes and it’s easy to see why they’ve been so popular the last few years.


Alien romance are both sci fi and paranromalOften flung in from outer space to crash land on earth, aliens are creatures who are a little tougher to find in romance books, but who are definitely no less sexy. If you like the idea of a truly long-distance romance that occasionally involve some very unique language barriers, then stories featuring aliens might be worth checking out.


Fairies are classed by many as fantasy storiesUsually associated with stories that are a little less “mature”, fairies can still be devastatingly sexy paranormal romance creatures. They can change their size at will, be very cunning, and a lot of fairies can perform their own special magic, too, which makes them quite unique. Many fairy romances can have a darker element to them as well, which might appeal to readers of werewolf or demon romances who are looking to try something different.


Angel romances are becoming more popularSometimes, true love really does come from the heavens – at least, in romances featuring angels it does. Whether they’ve been called to earth or forced onto it, angels are great for telling a redemption story or to help the heroine (or hero) out of a moral quandary and restore their faith. If those kinds of stories appeal to you, you may find that angels might be your new favorite paranormal creature.


Demon paranormal romances are also availableLike their angel counterparts, demons often help to tell a moral story, but they make a habit of being on the wrong side of it (at least to begin with). In a similar fashion to werewolves and vampires, demons usually have an element of danger or foreboding associated with them – a heightened version of the classic “bad boy” (or girl) trope – and it makes their love stories very exciting to read about.


There aren't many gargoyle shifter stories but there are someWhile it may seem unlikely, gargoyle romances are actually very popular among those who like their stories a little more Gothic. Gargoyle hunks might start out as stone cold, but they can very quickly turn out very, very hot. If you’re looking for something a little different than a vampire or a demon but you still want your romance nice and dark, then the slightly less popular world of paranormal gargoyle stories might be right up your alley.


Which books are a classic paranormal romance creatureA lot of paranormal creatures are hunky men, but witches are all about feminine mystique and power, which might be fun for female readers looking to find stories that give them a chance to feel otherworldly for once. Either cloaked and enigmatic, or seemingly ordinary, witches can harness elemental powers, blend in with humans, and brew potent potions with or without the help of their covens. If you like a little bit of traditional magic in your romance, why not pick up a book featuring witches?


Ghosts are the original paranormal romance beingsWith plotlines that are a little steamier than your average haunted house story, ghosts often provide a quandary for those who fall in love with them – usually there’s a way to put their spirit to rest, but at what cost for the protagonist they’ve seduced?

What Are Your Top Ten Paranormal Romance Creatures?

Have we missed any important ones off the list?

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